7. Creating and configurating the Disk-safe

7.1. Before you will start to create a data backups, it’s necessary to create a database, which will store data backups and to set the conditions, how the data will be stored in the database, as well as the conditions of use.
7.2. Open menu Disk Safes. Press Create New Disk Safe. Choose from the list Backup Manager, press Select Manager.
7.3. Assign the Name of Disk Safe database. Select the protected server to which the database will be used. In the field Volume select the assigned disk space of the disk, for data storing. If it is necessary automatically to add data backups of new added, logical disks of the protected server, then mark Automatically add new devices . If it is necessary to create data backup of the logical disk table, mark Protect Storage Configuration.
7.4. In Data Settings is possible to set the compression type, which defines, how densely data backups should be compressed, as well as to specify data Encryption Type (this functionality is available onlycreating new Disk Safe. It is not possible to turn on the encryption functionality to already created Disk Safe). Setting the Encryption functionallity, you need to enter a password. This password will be required  in situations, when you need to restore data or the protected server. 
7.5.In Limits is possible to set the following limitations:
  • Allow File Excludes;
  • Allow Recovery Point Archiving;
  • Allow Control Panels (for example, cPanel, Parallels Virtuozzo etc.) - this function is working, when creating a Disk Safe in the appropriate Server Backup Manager!  If you create a Disk Safe from the Console, then leave this check box blank.
  • Allow Database Backups (MS SQL Server and MySQL are supported);
  • Replication Limit ;
  • Recovery Point Limit ;
  • Archive Point Limit;
  • Quota Type (allow to set quota for used disk space or for used disk space to data backup changes);
  • Soft Quota (the limit, then the user will receive notification, when the used disk space limit is reached);
  • Hard Quota (the limit, when it’s no longer possible to create new recovery points).