7. Configure network and firewall

7.1. To allow Internet connections from LAN you should go to Cloud Platform Network menu.
7.2. Select in CIDR column click mouse right button and choose Copy.
NB! is the default Guest LAN CIDR, but you can use any CIDR, i.e.
7.3. NB! All outgoing traffic is blocked by default. To allow all communications between your VirtualServer Guest network and the Internet configure your egress traffic rules:
Click My Guest LAN Egress rules in Protocol column choose All in Source CIDR column click mouse right button and choose Paste click Add.
7.4. To allow connect from Internet to VirtualServer you should go to Network menu.
7.5. In column Quickview click on “+” and choose “View IP Addresses”.
7.6. Write down IP address from column IPs (for example – you will need it later in RemoteDesktop client tool.
7.7. Click on (for example) [Source NAT].
7.8. Click Configuration In Firewall icon click View all and enter in Source CIDR field, 3389 in Start Port and End Port field Add – this will allow RDP connections from any IP address on the Internet.
7.9. Click on (for example) [Source NAT].
7.10. On Port Forwarding icon click View all Enter in Private and Public Port fields 3389.
7.11. Click Add.
7.12. Click in Select field.
7.13. Apply.
7.14. On Your local computer start Remote Desktop Connection application (Click Start menu All Programs Accessories Remote Desktop Connection) and write the IP address (that you wrote down 34rd step, for example
7.15. Click Connect.