5. Managing the protected servers

5.1. Data backup server communicates with the Backup Agent installed on the protected server using port 1167 by default . This port is also used to recover the full protected server, so the usage of this port is not advisable!!
Note: Our recommendations - please always make a check of the protected server's recovery procedure to another free server (test server).
5.2. If the external network IP addresses are installed to the protected server (-s), it is advisable to use port, for example 1168, which should be opened in the protected server’s firewall (on security purposes, only the Idera Server Backup Manager  IP address, given by your accounting manager can be allowed). If the protected server’s infrastructure is located behind a firewall, then it is necessary to open a port for each protected server, for example: 1168, 1169, etc.
Note: if the protected server is in the local firewall functionality,  then the appropriate port should be opened in the local firewall.
5.3. More information:
Installing the Backup Agent on MS Windows Server family operating system’s:
Installing the Backup Agent on Linux type operating sistem’s: