5.1.Installing the Backup Agent on MS Windows Server in Cloudy infrastructure

5.1.1. To install Idera Server Backup Manager Agent to MS Windows Server virtual server, which is located in the Tcloud infrastructure, please perform the following steps:
  • complete the authentification;
  • open Network section;
  • click on the network, where the protected server is located;
  • choose View IP Addresses;
  • click on  the appropriate IP address;
  • choose Configuration;
  • on the Firewall icon click View all;
  • add 1168 port, in Source CIDR can enter the IP address of the specific Idera Server Backup Manager, for example,  
5.1.2. To forward 1168 port to the appropriate protected server, click on the external IP address, for example, [Source NAT] and on the Port Forwarding icon click View all and add 1168 port to the appropriated protected server.
5.1.3. In case when the firewall is activated on the protected MS Windows Server virtual machine, it is necessary to add Inbound Rules, which allows to create the incoming connections to 1168 port.
5.1.4. If the 1168 port is already used, then in steps 5.3. and 5.4. should be performed the same actions, only using the 1169 port.  In this example is described port opening on CentOS Linux OS.
5.1.5. To install Idera Server Backup Manager Agent to MS Windows Server, please perform the following steps:
  • choose Server Backup Agent;
  • download the Agent for the appropriate operating system;
  • extract archive;
  • double click to ServerBackup-Enterprise-Agent-win64-5.4.3;
  • press Run;
  • press Install;
  • press Install Backup Agent;
  • press Next;
  • accept licensing terms;
  • press Next four times;
  • accept the question about server restart;
  • press Start;
  • choose Backup Agent Configuration Utility;
  • change port number to 1168;
  • press Apply;
  • press OK;
  • open the section Authorized Server Backup Managers;
  • press Add…;
  • in the field Filename: enter sbm02.backup.tcloud.lv ;
  • change the protocol to https:// and enter sbm02.backup.tcloud.lv ;
  • press OK;
  • choose Services;
  • choose Restart Server Backup Agent;
  • Press OK twice;
  • Shut down the Backup Agent Configuration Utility.
5.1.6. At the website https://backup.tcloud.lv open the Servers menu, choose Add Server and the appropriate Backup Manager. In the Name field enter the name of the protected server, in the next fields  - external IP address of the firewall and port, which provides port forwarding to the protected server, for example:
5.1.7. To make sure that the connection is successfully established, click to the Test Agent Connection and if the connection is successful, click Create.