3. Data Backup Service Dashboard

3.1. Click on the Dashboard menu on the left side of the screen.
You will see the main menu, where:
Volumes – information about the assigned disk(-s) space ;
Servers – adding, deleting or managing the client's protected servers infrastructure;
Groups – creating, deleting or managing of new users groups;
Users – creating, deleting or managing of new users;
Disk Safes – creating, deleting and managing of database, which stores the protected servers data backups, as well as information how client could use the assigned disk space;
Policies – creating, deleting or managing of a data backup policies;
Reporting -  creating reports and data backup process managing.
3.2. The client’s server infrastructure can be placed in one or more Idera Server Backup Manger servers, which can be managed in Idera Server Backup – Data Center Console. When opening Idera Server Backup Manger from the main console is available an additional Recovery Points menu, which provides the full functionality of the data, database or full-server recovery and Task History menu – it contains audit trace logs.