3. Create Virtual Machine

3.1. To create Your first virtual machine click in left pane on Instances menu.
3.2. Click Add Instance.
3.3. On Add Instance Wizard select ISO and click Next.
3.4. In Step 2 “Select a Template” In tab “Featured” select “MS Windows Server 2008 R2 – XenServer / VMware” Choose Hypervisor “XenServer” click Next.
3.5. In Step 3 “Compute Offering” select any compute offering, i.e. “2 CPU / 4GB RAM / 1Gbps / Auto Start - CLOUDY” click Next.
3.6. In Step 4 “Data Disk Offering” you can choose which one of DC space you want to use by selecting any available disk offering , i.e. “Custom disk - NL SAS in A2 DC - CLOUDY” Set up disk size click Next.
3.7. Skip Step 5 by clicking on Next.
3.8. In Step 6 “Network” field Name write, i.e. “MyGuestLAN” and click Next.
3.9. In last Step 7 “Review” field Name (Optional) write “VirtualServer” click Launch VM.
3.10. Wait while virtual machine is created. If this is your first virtual machine then it could take up to 3-4 minutes – your first network also will be created.